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Thanks for stopping by our blog. 2 Sides 2 The story is a blog helping other young couples, married or not. We are trying to inform everyone that divorce does not always have to be the way. Being raised in a society like this, sometimes you follow the world instead of following what is right within. There is a high rate of divorce or single parents in the black community or any community for that matter be it young or old, and we want to show our children that we are able to love one another despite what goes on in the world. We are trying to be an example for our community and prove the statistics wrong!

Both sides will be given on most post. Sometimes the wife (me) will tell what was on my mind at that time or I will talk on things that I faced that week. My husband Greg will also talk from his side because he has a lot of insight and has told me a lot that I never knew about with males. He informed me that I should convert my blog to the both of us because me just talking from the wife’s point of view keeps my blog one sided, so we added a little corridor for the guys. We have begun reading books with and to one another, books on communication and love to gain more knowledge on how to live right for one another. Greg also had a idea of adding God to our marriage so we have been attending church and praying together and so far it’s been nice. We hope that we help everyone the best that we can and if not, feel free to shoot us an email. Also if you want to be featured on the blog let us know! We are always looking for insight from other couples, married or not. Thanks again for stopping by, enjoy!

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